Istanbul is the new hot spot for gaming startups

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Istanbul has quietly become an emerging hub for gaming startups, with Dream Games being the latest to make headlines within the sector. Dream Games recently closed a $255 million funding round at a $2.75 billion valuation, signaling the potential of what is next to come from Turkey’s gaming industry. This news comes at a crucial time for Istanbul, as its businesses around the tech and digital industry are beginning to open their doors in a post-COVID world.

The Dream Games development comprises experienced developers from various countries, including Turkey and Germany. It is led by top executive talent from international digital companies such as Zynga and Electronic Arts. While other digital players have chosen areas like London or Singapore as their base of operations, Istanbul has found success in introducing new ideas and technology that have been attractive to investors seeking lower costs but higher growth margins within their portfolios – making it increasingly attractive to investors looking for lucrative investments opportunities in gaming startups.

Beyond its people and technological capabilities however, Istanbul has also proven itself with less tangible advantages like its strategic geography – it allows businesses direct access to European investors and Middle East markets; something many other tech hubs lack. All these factors have made it increasingly attractive for Dream Games and many other Turkish game development studios. As a result, this new era of gaming in Istanbul marks a promising shift towards the future of technology not just domestically in Turkey but abroad as well – showing its potential to become an even more successful player within the global tech sector – proving that where there’s risk there can be great rewards too.

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Score another win for Istanbul gaming startups: Dream Games raises $255M at a $2.75B valuation

The city of Istanbul has quickly risen as a top destination for gaming startups, and with good reason. Within the past year, the city has seen an influx of global gaming investors eager to tap into the region’s potential.

From Dream Games, who recently raised $255M at a $2.75B valuation, to the myriad of startups popping up all over the city, there’s no denying Istanbul’s amazing potential for the gaming industry.

The Rise of Istanbul as a Global Gaming Hub

Istanbul has experienced significant growth in the gaming industry over the last several years, becoming a major hub for game developers, publishers, and investors. With its vast population and access to resources, Istanbul has been able to attract new financing for local gaming startups and become a key player in the lucrative global gaming market.

In 2020 alone there have been over twenty game startups established in Istanbul. This includes mobile and platform game companies developing unique content related to fantasy, puzzles, sports and card games. Many of these startups are now competing with other international names such as Apple and Nintendo.

Istanbul’s technology ecosystem provides more than just an audience for game developers; it also provides resources that include talented professionals, a robust capital market, established infrastructure, and global connections through venture capital firms such as Accel Partners and Mangrove Capital Partners. The government also provides incentives enabling these organizations to develop their products by helping with tax credits and offering incubator programs that provide mentoring sessions for startup projects.

The inflow of investment from renowned investors such as Dream Games illustrates the magnitude of Istanbul’s impact on the competitive gaming arena at an international level. In addition, other players such as MGA Capital are positioning themselves to capitalize on opportunities that come with developing games in Istanbul. Given the complexities around localization rules outlined by different countries worldwide, this could shape how gaming evolves globally in future years.

The Growth of Gaming Startups in Istanbul

Istanbul has become the new hot spot for gaming startups with a recent surge in investments and the rise of e-sports. The most recent investment was Dream Games’ $255 million funding at a valuation of $2.75 billion due to the booming gaming industry in this region.

An increasing number of gaming companies are choosing to set up their headquarters in Istanbul due to its growing game development scene and landscape, generous government tax incentives, and an abundance of talent from local universities. Additionally, venture capital investment firms have been more inclined towards investing in Turkish tech startups due to their potential for heavy investment returns.

In 2020 alone, 32 deals have been closed by venture capitalists that totaled over $211 million for tech-focused companies in Istanbul. One particular area gaining attention within the gaming industry is mobile games – nearly half of these deals have gone into mobile game startups operating within the city – especially since this type of platform caters to audiences worldwide, not just locally or regionally. Some mobile games like “Gardenscapes” foster strong ties between players worldwide united by their shared love for gardening and hidden objects found around virtual gardens!

The majority of these firms that receive investment are independent or recently established startups that offer innovative products or services such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) technology advances and entertainment platforms which require physical and digital high-tech solutions bring them to life. Furthermore, following the success and popularity e-sports competitions such as League Of Legends, local business owners have been interested in bringing more events such as E-Sports community tournaments mostly held by universities to promote this type of activity among students and younger audiences resulting in increased business opportunities for locals!

Overall, it is safe to say that Istanbul is quickly becoming a global hub for gaming as evidenced by its continuous support from government initiatives and investor interest from international capitals worldwide. Moreover, it shows a lot of potential future success stories coming from this region given all natural resources available!

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Dream Games’ Success

In a remarkable turn of events, Istanbul gaming startup Dream Games has secured $255 million in funding at a $2.75 billion valuation. This success further demonstrates Istanbul’s potential as a hotbed for gaming startups, as this is the city’s second record-breaking deal in the last year.

Let’s look closer at Dream Games’ success and what it means for the future of gaming startups in Istanbul.

Overview of Dream Games

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Dream Games is a leading global gaming company established by talents and entrepreneurs in the gaming industry. Founded in 2012, Dream Games is best known for its award-winning mobile games, including its flagship title, “Impossible Dream.”

Dream Games has become an important force in the gaming world in recent years. With an eye on innovation and game design quality, the company creates unparalleled experiences for customers worldwide and has become a major force in the mobile gaming market. It also has successful partnerships with some of the most prestigious brands in entertainment.

Recently accumulating $255M at a $2.75B valuation, Dream Games continues to dominate the Turkish gaming market and prove itself as an industry leader for mobile and online game development. In addition, this new round of funding can be used for growth strategies such as expanding into new markets or creating new intellectual properties to elevate its already extensive portfolio of acclaimed titles.

What Led to Dream Games’ Success

Dream Games, an Istanbul based gaming company developed by a team of young entrepreneurs, was recently announced to have closed a $255M Series C funding round at a $2.75B valuation. This round of funding comes after rapid growth over the last 12 months, which saw Dream Games’ stock reach its current market valuation beyond that of its peers.

What exactly led to this success can be broken down into four key drivers:

1) Quality Products and Innovative Approach: Dream Games offers gaming products with unique and well-developed storylines, leveraging their expertise in producing immersive experiences that appeal to different types of gamers across the globe. They understand what modern gamers want and continuously push the boundaries with innovative experiences.

2) Accessible Platforms: Dream Games offers gamers products across multiple digital distribution platforms such as smartphones, PCs, tablets and consoles. This enables them to reach as many consumers as possible worldwide and drive revenue opportunities through these channels.

3) Experienced Team Members: The leadership team behind Dream Games comprises highly experienced professionals from various disciplines such as game design, software engineering and marketing. With years in their respective fields, they collaborate effectively to realize their common vision for the company’s success.

4) Strong Partnerships: To further demonstrate their commitment to providing quality entertainment experiences for their customers, Dream Games develops strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies – publishers, developers or investors – ensuring they can bring new games and features regularly to stay ahead of competitors in emerging markets.

Ultimately, this combination of business focus and unity together with dedication enabled Dream Games’ tremendous success since 2019. It is no surprise that Turkey has become an emerging powerhouse for game development – congratulations once again!

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Benefits to Istanbul

Istanbul has secured its place on the world stage in the gaming industry, with Dream Games securing a $255M funding round to grow its gaming platform. This recent success indicates the potential of Istanbul’s gaming startups, and has given aspiring entrepreneurs a real reason to consider setting up shop in the city.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that Istanbul has to offer to gaming startups.

Economic Impact

In recent years, Istanbul has seen a massive influx of gaming startups, with more than 500 game studios opening up in the area since 2012. This has contributed significantly to Istanbul’s economy; at the beginning of 2021, Dream Games, a Turkish mobile game studio founded in 2020, raised $255 million in investments at a valuation of $2.75 billion. This is yet another sign that Turkey is on the brink of becoming a major player in the gaming industry.

The economic impact of gaming companies investing and creating jobs in Istanbul can be immense. Aside from providing work for developers and other employees, these companies also invest in local vendors such as restaurants and retail stores plus start projects with real estate brokers and digital agencies. Furthermore, investing companies benefit from Istanbul’s low corporate tax rate (10%) when compared to European countries like France (25%), Germany (26%), or the UK (17%). In addition to this incentive, talented developers who were originally educated outside the country may feel incentivized to move and work in Turkey due to visa issuance rules in Europe, which are getting stricter.

Overall, Istanbul’s gaming industry continues to grow due to investments made by tech-savvy venture capitalists who are starting to recognize its potential as an attractive market for investing capital into emerging technologies and markets. This growth will likely continue with more investment opportunities being made available yearly.

Boost to the Tech Scene

The recent acquisition of a global gaming company by a group of digital entertainment giants further strengthens the technology scene in Istanbul. Dream Games, a gaming startup based in Istanbul, recently raised $255 million at a $2.75 billion valuation. The deal was backed by some of the largest companies in digital entertainment such as Sony Pictures and Warner Music. This infusion of capital has increased investor confidence in the city’s technology ecosystem and is expected to attract additional investment to the area over time.

The influx of money into Istanbul’s ecosystem creates several positive tangible benefits for tech entrepreneurs and startups. With increased venture capital now available, talented professionals can access greater resources when starting or growing an existing business in the city. In addition, venture capitalists are willing to fund more innovative projects that create an environment that encourages future innovation from startups and entrepreneurs across various industries.

Furthermore, successful acquisitions such as these help greatly raise Istanbul’s profile on the global stage; prominent media attention can increase interest from foreign investors hoping to capitalize on opportunities in Turkey’s busiest metropolis. Moreover well-established industry players such as Sony Pictures and Warner Music will be more likely to establish operations there, bringing job openings for locals who are educated and experienced enough to fill them and more economic stimulus towards the local grid.

Overall recent successes like Dream Games demonstrate that Istanbul is becoming an increasingly favorable market environment for emerging tech teams from around the world looking for potential opportunities within one of Europe’s most populous cities – one which offers incredible opportunity as well as quick validation for their efforts within its many growing markets worldwide.


It’s no wonder Istanbul is becoming a hot spot for gaming startups: Its current investment surge is proving that the city is an ideal environment for tech companies, and especially those within the gaming sector that can benefit from the focus of local players to offer innovative products and services.

Dream Games’ latest fundraising effort has put Istanbul further on the radar as a major player in tech and gaming investments. Their remarkable success, with a $255M funding round raised at a $2.75B valuation, clearly underlines the potential and opportunities that can be realized in this rapidly growing market.

With more global entrepreneurs and investors attracted to Istanbul’s vibrant start-up landscape, it is certainly looking to be an exciting place for both existing game developers and new businesses looking to enter this flourishing industry.

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