What are some of the things you can do with ‘Deep Nostalgia’?

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There are countless ways to utilize the power of ‘Deep Nostalgia’ to bring old photographs of beloved family members to life. Developed by MyHeritage, a genealogy and DNA testing site, ‘Deep Nostalgia’ uses deep learning technology to animate still photos.

‘Deep Nostalgia’ takes static images and interprets the person’s facial features, facial musculature, and other elements to add realistic animations. It can create realistic-looking videos with naturalistic movements that simulate facial expressions and head motions such as turning or nodding.

With ‘Deep Nostalgia,’ still images can be converted into vivid video clips that bring old photographs back to life as if they were photos taken yesterday. You can make digital slices of history alive using deep learning algorithms or use the feature in other creative ways, such as adding music, motivational captions, dialogues or voiceovers. Here are some of the things you can do with this revolutionary technology:

What is Deep Nostalgia?

Deep Nostalgia is a new family history feature from MyHeritage, an online genealogy service that helps people discover and curate their family history. The feature uses artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology to animate historical photos of your ancestors, bringing them to life with realistic facial expressions and movements.

With Deep Nostalgia™ you can turn old still photos of your loved ones into beautiful short videos that show the expressions and emotions of your ancestors as if they were alive today.

Using this feature is easy — simply upload a photo of your ancestor into MyHeritage’s database, and an AI-powered animation will be created for the photo in minutes. From there, you can customize the facial features, hairstyle, glasses or headwear to give the image even more realism. You can even choose from different scenarios like walking or waving to transform the piece into a short video clip with up to five seconds of movement.

Once finished, you can share your Deep Nostalgia creations online or with friends and family to reconnect them with their ancestors!

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Benefits of Deep Nostalgia

‘Deep Nostalgia’ is a new feature developed by MyHeritage which uses AI-powered technology to turn old photographs of your relatives into living and moving videos. This technology can not only help bring old memories to life, but also provides a new way to keep your loved ones close.

In this article, we will examine the benefits of using Deep Nostalgia.

Preserve Old Memories

Deep Nostalgia is an innovative technology developed by MyHeritage that allows users to make live animated videos from old photos of their relatives. This remarkable feature brings old family photos to life and helps people preserve and share their family memories uniquely. Thanks to Deep Nostalgia, users can transform still images of their loved ones into lifelike videos by applying natural-looking motions such as blinking eyes and a gentle smile. Worried about losing the integrity of the photo? Don’t be, Deep Nostalgia uses sophisticated AI technologies while ensuring full privacy without requiring the uploading of user data.

Using this innovative tool, MyHeritage’s users can bring deceased relatives back to life in moving image form, capture some of their oldest family memories with professional video quality, and watch those faces come alive at home. With Deep Nostalgia, these digital video portraits live forever as timeless keepsakes for future generations. In addition, those interested in preserving special moments with their families can add Deep Nostalgic effects on any image uploaded into MyHeritage’s media collections or synced from other sources like Facebook or Instagram.

Besides recording lasting keepsakes for future generations and remembering their ancestors more vibrantly -with life-like expressions -users can also share these videos through Email, WhatsApp, text messages or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, users can click into each person’s profile page, which comes with an animated avatar that automatically tracks the eye position while changing expression according to audio input! With Deep Nostalgia at your fingertips MyHeritage’s users now have endless ways they can keep alive precious family moments in motion!

Create Moving Videos

Deep Nostalgia™, an AI-based technology offered by the genealogy platform MyHeritage, lets you quickly and easily bring the memories of your past loved ones alive. A still photo can create realistic videos of your ancestors, making them look like they are moving and speaking to you.

Deep Nostalgia can animate any portrait photo using machine-learning algorithms that mimic human motions. The results are remarkable — seeing distant family members come to life in vivid detail. It also moves blinked eyes, shifts body positions and rotates faces forward before animating them. You can even control the speed of animations at three levels so that everyone looks slightly different when moving around.

With Deep Nostalgia you can convert a single still photo into an animation clip lasting up to five seconds for free. Use this tool to share meaningful moments with family members and give your distant relatives a second life — virtually speaking and smiling back at you from another era in time! Create these amazing videos today!

Share Memories with Others

An innovative feature of ‘Deep Nostalgia’ is the ability to share memories with family and friends. With this feature, photos of your relatives can be made alive by creating moving images and videos. This allows those long gone to be given virtual life, breathing new life into old photos that may have seemed dull or flat. Furthermore, you can easily generate realistic video clips from any single picture of a person to enjoy with your family while also sharing the images on social media networks so you can keep those memories alive and cherished in society.

The Deep Nostalgia features uses advanced algorithms to analyze facial features and remake an image into a personality-filled video that looks like it was filmed years ago. It allows users to create special memories with their relatives without any cost associated. Using this tool, you can share moments that would otherwise have been lost in time – for example when previously taken pictures are too old or blurry enough so that people don’t recognize who’s in them anymore, Deep Nostalgia can turn them into moving videos! This keeps those pictures meaningful and allows users to make others around them appreciate the importance of keeping our ancestors’ images alive. Furthermore, people who like scrapbooking or other photo album art will love how this tool helps perpetuate special moments for generations.

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‘Deep Nostalgia’ Can Turn Old Photos of Your Relatives Into Moving Videos

With the rise of technology today, you can make your old photos of your relatives come alive using something called ‘Deep Nostalgia.’

The Deep Nostalgia feature allows you to take photos of your ancestors and create amazing animated videos out of them.

Let’s explore how this technology works and how to use it to bring your family’s history to life.

Upload Photos

The main feature of ‘Deep Nostalgia’ is the ability to upload photos of your relatives and generate a realistic video of them. To do this, you must create an account with MyHeritage, the company that created ‘Deep Nostalgia.’ Once logged in, click ‘Photos’ from the top menu then ‘Add Photos.’ You can then browse through your computer and add any photos of your relatives that you have stored.

Once you have selected the photo, it will be uploaded and sent for processing. You will receive a confirmation when it’s finished. You can delete or download the video once it’s complete. Additionally, some photos may require manual editing before they can be processed. In this case, MyHeritage has a team available to edit as needed.

You’ll receive five styles: Animate Photo, Wave Hello!, Blow a Kiss, Wink Goodbye!, and Come Closer. Select one of these options and how quickly or slowly you’d like each animation to happen before processing your photo. Your realistic 3D animated video will make its way back to you shortly!

Select Animation Style

Deep Nostalgia offers a range of animation styles for you to choose from, allowing you to customize your Deep Nostalgia video according to your preference. Each animation style has unique motion effects and can be previewed before applying it to your chosen photo.

To select an animation style:

1. Go to https://www.myheritage.com/deep-nostalgia

2. Click on the “Create” button on the right side of the screen, and choose a photo of a relative that you would like to animate

3. On the same page, there is a section called “Animation Styles” where you can select which animation style you would like to use for this particular photo

4. To preview the different animations available, click on the arrows that correspond with each one

5. Once you have selected an animation style, click on “Done” and your Deep Nostalgia video will appear in just a few moments

6. Repeat these steps as needed for all of your photos!

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Generate Moving Video

Deep Nostalgia is an artificial intelligence tool from MyHeritage that uses Deep Learning facial recognition technology to animate photos of people. It uses sophisticated facial recognition algorithms and AI technology to recognize faces in the photos and maps their features onto the face of a digital model. The result is live-action videos of your ancestors, relatives and friends who will appear to be looking at the camera and blinking.

To use Deep Nostalgia, start by uploading a photo of an individual or group you want to animate. Note: MyHeritage encourages people not to upload photographs where the faces are covered, blurred or unrecognizable. Once you upload your photo, you have several different options for animation styles including panning left and right, zooming in the background, forwarding or skipping individual frames and looping animations so they play continuously. You can also customize how much movement is applied by adjusting the speed of motion or manually resetting each frame back to its starting point. After making adjustments to ensure it looks natural, you can save moving videos directly onto MyHeritage’s cloud storage system or download them into .mp4 files for storage on other devices.


In conclusion, Deep Nostalgia allows users to bring old photographs to life and get a closer look at the people they may never have met. This technology opens up exciting possibilities for preserving family memories and history and creating meaningful connections between generations.

With Deep Nostalgia, users can transform pictures of relatives into moving videos and spend time with them regardless of whether or not they were ever introduced in person. In addition, it also provides an opportunity to create lasting, tangible mementos that can be shared with future generations to come.

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